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Our Services

Select YOUR Majestic Adventure to see our availability and choose a date

Rides are offered 7 days a week during spring, summer, and fall (weather permitting).

Weekend morning flights are also available!

If your party is greater than 4, please contact us for more information on group flights!

Corporate/Large Group Outings

Want to go on a Majestic Adventure for your corporate outing? With the help of other local balloon pilots, we can send your team on a journey through the sky. We've helped send a group of 18 divided among 9 balloons on their adventure. 


Tethered rides are also available on an hourly basis. This entails the balloon being attached to a vehicle on the ground with a long strap. This will allow your group to take turns rising into the air to catch a few sights before returning back to the ground.  


When people see a hot air balloon, they stop and stare. They could be staring at your logo! There are a few ways for you to advertise with a balloon.

  • You can own the balloon and a certified FAA Commercial rated pilot will be provided

  • You can purchase a custom banner to hang on our balloon basket

  • Your company name or logo can be flown at one balloon event or contracted for the season

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